Focus Areas


Textile now encompasses far more than just fabrics and clothing. It is used in everything from reinforcement material in composites and soundproof walls to medical applications. Science Park Borås is contributing to the continued development of the Smart Textiles platform for textile innovations, and serves as a generic platform for innovation that can be applied within other areas.

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Commerce and Logistics

The Borås region has a strong retail tradition and is the leading area in the Nordic region for mail order businesses. Our logistics knowledge is first rate, and the excellent infrastructure we have put in place gives us an advantage over our competitors and provides the basis for successful digital retail.

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Social development

Science Park Borås aims to expand projects and initiatives in several areas of social development, such as resource recycling, urbanization and digitization. We identify projects, partners and funding in areas that are linked to the vision of good life and a climate-neutral region in the Sjuhärad Region and Region Västra Götaland.

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